After a full day of hedonistic recreation (see Round 1), we decided to head over to Kumamoto Castle and catch the end of the festival rumored to be taking place. After being turned away at the main gate (it had finished by the time we arrived), we stumbled upon a group of inebriated cherry blossom viewers gathered along the moat. While it’s true we were too late for the official events, these jokesters provided more than a few entertaining moments to make up for it.

In particular, the sweet (albeit vertically challenged) lady pictured below gave a stunning rendition of a Brazilian dance that was equal parts hip gyration and drunken stumbling, mixed with a dash of unintelligible Japanese rambling. Marvelous! For some reason she followed that up by pointing at me and yelling, “Strange foreigner! Strange foreigner!” And so I am; but that doesn’t mean she has to go around telling everyone. Luckily we were able to settle our differences over cups of grape soda and fried Vietnamese spring roles. Ah, such is the beauty of internationalization!