This colorful sign was posted in the bathroom at one of my elementary schools. Isn’t it cute? That brown snowman with the button eyes and suspiciously red mouth is named Unchikun, which translates roughly as “little turd boy.” (Hint: He’s not really a snowman) The writing across the top reads: let’s meet again. Unchi-kun himself belts a hearty, “Bye bye” as he is presumably being flushed down the toilet. Now, I won’t get into thousands of reasons why this is just wrong; what I will do, however, is give you permission to smile (or laugh) and the comedic genius of my students. Go on, laugh; you know you want to. If you play your cards right, maybe you, too,  can be the proud owner of one of these fine, limited-edition Unchi-kun posters.  Happy flushing!