Greetings from sunny Southern California! A quick note before I embark on what promises to be a historic road trip to that sun-baked state to the east, Arizona. Now, I’m not sure what exactly qualifies this trip as worthy of the “historic” label, but whenever Faith McCollister is involved in something, history-worthy things usually take place. Case in point: that one time at band camp. I would elaborate, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I guess you’ll just have to use what’s left of your television, facebook, and XBOX 360-ravaged imaginations to figure it out. Ahem, as I was saying before I veered off on a wildly unpredictable tangent much like the current one you find yourself reading, Faith and I, a team of explorers not seen since the legendary Lewis and Clark, are going on a 7-day road trip to Arizona, with stops at various national parks, The Grand Canyon, a Navajo reservation, and the cities of Phoenix and Tuscon, which are “famous for” (to borrow a page from the Japanese) vast quantities of staggeringly tall rocks and painfully bright sunshine.

In any case, I’ll be out of commission for the next week or so. Do try and carry on with life, although I realize it will be a bit on the difficult side. Impossible, even, for some of you. Be strong. Taking up yoga helps, according to Esquire magazine. Or was that Vogue? Details, perhaps? Ah, it’s great to be home and surrounded by such fine reading material!

One last thing before I sign off. Henceforth, (I love that word!) new posts will fall under the brand-new “California Dreamin” category, in order to reflect my relocation to, well, California. Duh! For an excellent and award-winning literary and photographic retrospective on my life in Japan, feel free to peruse entries in the “Live from Japan” Category.